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As a parent of a two school-aged children,  a 20-year educator, and  Nana’s Place administrator, I could not be more thankful for the blessing of Nana’s Place. I have watched my children and countless others experience wondrous growth during their time here. The academic rigor, coupled with the nurturing environment has certainly impacted them in becoming successful students. The teachers implement lessons that teach students to be a confident, spirit led, strong leaders in academics and peer relationships. When students enter Kindergarten, our parents are not afraid, nor overwhelmed by the grade level expectancy. We know they are well prepared and appropriately independent because of the following:


1. Our curriculum is impressive, appropriately challenging and has been carefully designed to nurture growth in social skills, foreign language, cultural experiences, motor skills, physical development and strong age-appropriate academics.


2. Our teachers take time to reinforce skills with our students individually.

3. Whenever parents have questions or concerns, they are provided with one on one instruction and an open invitation for additional assistance.


4. Whether it is a trip to the theatre or zoo, leading a performance or sharing biblical knowledge, Nana’s Place is full of exciting opportunities to showcase talents and enhance knowledge.


The personable nature of our staff, faith, and genuine concern for the education of children has been a blessing to countless families. The teachers take the time to update and connect with families frequently regarding student  growth and development as well as support students on a personal level. Academic and personal goals are clear and concise, as they are common expectations that we share with our parents. We are amazed daily at the things our students learn and apply. Their scope and understanding of the world around them is amazing and we recognize that  our teachers play a vital part in  shaping those views.


We  are immensely blessed when we think about God’s gracious hand that guides our families here. We are beyond thankful for the academic foundation and the spiritual parallel each child is privy to. When you leave your children in the care of Nana’s Place, be confident that they are “growing in favor and in stature with God and with men” ( Luke 2:52).  We thank you for considering Nana’s Place  and we looking forward to embarking on a  shared journey that solidifies the foundation lifelong learning and loving care.

                                                                         With God’s Favor,

                                                                        Karen Smith-Jones, Executive Director

Parent Testimonials

" I am well pleased with the preschool that I have chosen for my son. I could not have picked a better one. Nana’s Place is definitely a huge asset at this point in our lives. Thank you so much for all that you do."                                       The Spears   

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